Women in Data Science

Since 2018, I’ve been organizing the data science workshop for the annual Women in Data Science Cambridge (WiDS) conference: WiDS Datathon Workshop 2022. Since 2021, I’ve served as the co-director of the Worldwide WiDS Datathon.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at Harvard

I am the organizer of IACS’s Data Science Pedagogy Winter Workshop for educators of underrepresented college students in data science. I am also the faculty advisor of the IACS Graduate Advisory Committee and the facilitator of the IACS Diversity, Inclusion, Leadership Reading Group.

Community Building at Harvard

I am a member of the Senior Common Room at Leverett House. I am also a co-organizer of the IACS/CS Communitas – please reach out if you have ideas for food, activities or programming for Communitas!

PhD and Early Career Mentoring

I’m the faculty mentor of the IACS PhD Working Group, a working group for IACS students who are interested in receiving support and mentorship through their PhD application process. Sign up for the 2022 PhD Working Group. Recently, I have also begun serving as a mentor in the Career Development program at DataPoint Armenia.