WiDS Cambridge Datathon 2021


The WiDS Cambridge Datathon Workshop is an annual workshop preceding the WiDS Cambridge Conference. The workshop aims to provide mentorship and training for those interested in participating in the WiDS Datathon Challenge, and, more generally, anyone with a strong interest in data science.

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General Information

Who is organizing the workshop?

This year’s workshop is organized by:

  1. Weiwei Pan (Harvard IACS)
  2. Anastasiya Belyaeva (MIT IDSS)
  3. Arushi Jain (Microsoft)
  4. Meaghan McConlogue (Broad Institute)

What will you do at the workshop?

The WiDS Datathon workshop consists of a data science/machine learning tutorial followed by a team-based practical session focused on a single data science task. In this workshop:

  1. you will be introduced to data science/machine learning concepts and methods (especially relevant to the WiDS Datathon Challenge)
  2. you will be able to form teams during the workshop and get hands-on experience implementing machine learning models and working with the WiDS Datathon Challenge dataset
  3. you will receive mentoring from data scientists and machine learning researchers from universities and tech companies in the Boston area.

Who should sign up for the workshop?

We invite all participants with a strong interest in data science!

Programming experience as well as some previous training in probability, statistics and mathematics is helpful. But we welcome participants from all backgrounds!

Register for the workshop at our Eventbrite page!

Where and When is the workshop?

This year the workshop will be held remotely, over two consecutive Saturdays in February:

     Febrauary 20th, 10am-3pm (with a one hour lunch break)
     Febrauary 27th, 10am-3pm (with a one hour lunch break)

What is the format of the workshop?

The technical content for the workshop will be delivered via a series of pre-recorded videos and related exercises. During the workshop meetings, participants will form teams and work on the datathon challenge with the guidance of mentors and organizers.

Preparing for the Workshop

Create a Kaggle Account

  1. Navigate to www.kaggle.com
  2. Follow instructions to create an account

Familiarize Yourself with DeepNote and python

  1. Create a free DeepNote account in DeepNote.
  2. Read about the two different types of cells (code and text) in a DeepNote notebook.
  3. Make sure you know how to ‘run’ or ‘render’ a cell.
  4. Find quick primers on python here.

Review the Materials Covering Technical Background for the Datathon Challenge

Since the 2021 Datathon workshop will be happening virtually, pedagogical materials addressing the technical background necessary for the Datahon challenge will be delivered through pre-recorded videos and structured notebooks. We’ve prepared instructional materials with a range of different depths. We ask that participants review the materials that are complementary to their backgrounds before coming to the workshop:

Technical Materials for the Workshop