WiDS Cambridge Datathon 2022


The WiDS Cambridge Datathon Workshop is an annual workshop preceding the WiDS Cambridge Conference. The workshop aims to provide mentorship and training for those interested in participating in the WiDS Datathon Challenge, and, more generally, anyone with a strong interest in data science.

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Weiwei Pan

wp What I Do: I’m a Research Associate at the Institute for Computational Sciences at Harvard University.

I’m a machine learning researcher focusing on health care applications. I work with clinicians to build machine learning models that have desirable properties for specific real-life downstream tasks. The model properties that I often concentrate on are: human interpretability and useful predictive uncertainties.

What I Love About Data Science:I love that recent developments in data science is beginning to allow us to combine insights from data and domain knowledge from human experts in meaningful ways!

What Else:I’ve been organizing this workshop since 2017 and I am thrilled to be doing it again this year!

Anastasiya Belyaeva

ab What I Do: I am a PhD student at MIT in the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society.

As a PhD student I work on developing and applying new machine learning models for applications in biology. In particular, I’m interested in building models that capitalize on different types of data.

What Else:My research focuses on developing and applying machine learning methods such as deep learning, representation learning, causal inference, and network analysis to large-scale data sets, with a special interest in biology & health.

Arushi Jain

aj What I Do:I'm a Data & Applied Scientist at Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge.

I am in Microsoft's AI rotation program where we work with different partner teams in Microsoft on different paradigms of AI.

What I Love About Data Science:I love that data science allows us to make informed decisions – and to stop guessing.

What Else:I am really passionate about teaching and empowering women into this field and this the first I am organizing this workshop, really excited to be here!!