Data Science Pedagogy Winter Workshop


This is a hands-on Data Science pedagogy workshop for educators of underrepresented or underserved students in Data Science/Machine Learning.

General Information

This is a week long data science pedagogy workshop for educators of underrepresented or underserved college students in data science. The workshop is virtual and will take place January 3-7, 2022. There is no cost for participation.

The goals of the workshop are to:

  1. help educators, who are new to the field, build sound foundations in data science
  2. expose data science educators to “state-of-the-art” methodologies and tools in data science
  3. facilitate a supportive environment for educators to develop data science pedagogical materials that are customized to the needs of their own students.


This workshop is organized by the Institute of Applied Computational Sciences at Harvard University.

The program committee:

Workshop Schedule

The workshop structure is based on the format of a “flipped-classroom”. We ask that participants review the technical content (videos, slides etc) prior to each day, and work on hands-on activities during workshop sessions. There will be two workshop sessions per day. Each session will consist of hands-on activities centering around content exploration or pedagogy.

Morning Sessions: Participants will explore Deepnote notebooks that combine data science concepts together in ways that expose interesting properties.

Afternoon Session: Participants will discuss how to adapt existing materials or how to create new materials for teaching data science concepts to their own students.

Important Dates

November 10th: application opens
December 22nd: application closes
December 26th: final round of acceptance notifications go out
January 4th: workshop begins

Workshop FAQs

Don’t see your question? Contact: weiweipan (at) g (dot) harvard (dot) edu