Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership in Tech


This is a reading seminar on issues of diversity and inclusion, focusing on how to take leadership in creating more equitable and just communities in tech.

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What is this Course?

This course examines inequity in tech in two ways:

  1. by examining structural (e.g. cultural, social and institutional) factors underlying the low-levels of diversity in tech
  2. by examining the unequal social impact of technology in deployment.

Through readings, students will gain familiarity with a wide range of previously identified structural challenges for achieving equitable representation in tech and fair outcomes when technology is integrated into social institutions. The focus of the course will be on identifying leadership opportunities and concrete strategies for making positive changes in tech communities (both in classroom and workplaces) as well as in the way that technology is deployed, used and monitored.

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This course is not listed on my.harvard. Instead, registration is through completing an AC299r application:

  1. Contact the course instructor for permission to enroll
  2. Contact your IACS academic advisor to obtain and submit a AC299r application for this course

Spring 2022 Reading Group The reading seminar will continue as a not-for-credit reading group in Spring 2022!