Machine Learning and Computation Statistics


This is a teaching partnership between the Africa Center of Excellence in Data Science at the University of Rwanda and the Institute of Applied Computational Science at Harvard University.

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Week 4: Latent Variable Model

Day 1: Bayesian Models for Ordinal Data

Topic 1: Beta-Binomial Model for Count Data

Topic 2: Poisson-Gamma Model for Count Data

In-Class Exercise: The Beta-Binomial Model

Day 2: Latent Variable Models

Topic 1: Latent Variable Models

Topic 2: Expectation Maximization

Topic 3: Topic Models

In-class Exercise: Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Topic Models

Day 3: More Latent Variable Models

Topic 1: Gaussian Mixture Models

Topic 2: Non-Probabilistic Models for Clustering

In-class Exercise: Clustering Algorithms

Day 4: More on Deep Models

Topic 1: Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Data

In-Class Exercise: Convolutional Neural Network Classifiers