Machine Learning and Computation Statistics


This is a teaching partnership between the Africa Center of Excellence in Data Science at the University of Rwanda and the Institute of Applied Computational Science at Harvard University.

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Week 3: Bayesian Models

Day 1: Data Pre and Post-processing

Topic 1: Encoding and Transforming Data

Topic 2: Pre-Processing Data

Topic 3: Sources of Bias in Model Interpretation and Usage

In-Class Exercise: Data Preprocessing and Model Interpretation Notebook

Day 2: Dimensionality Reduction

Topic 1: Variable Selection

Topic 2: Principal Component Analysis

In-class Exercise: PCA and Dimensionality Reduction

Day 3: Introduction to Bayesian Models

Topic 1: Bayesian Models for Regression

Topic 2: Bayesian Linear and Polynomial Regression

Topic 3: Interpreting the Posterior Predictive

In-class Exercise: Bayesian Linear and Polynomial Regression

Day 4: More on Bayesian Models

Topic 1: Connecting Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Models

Topic 2: Bayesian Logistic Regression

In-Class Exercise: Bayesian Versus Frequentist Uncertainties